Timelapse Video of Moon Setting Behind Seattle’s Space Needle Mesmerises Viewers


So far, the mesmerizing videotape published on Twitter has gained over one million views.

For time old, people have been obsessed with intricate film land and vids of the moon. thus, it’s no surprise that a time- lapse videotape of a largely zoomed moon setting behind the Seattle Space Needle has gone viral on Twitter. Shot with a Sony A7R4, the videotape was published by a stoner named Sigma Sreedharan(@sigmas).


Sigma Sreedharan(@sigmas) uploaded the videotape on the 29th of October and twittered,” Then’s a time- lapse videotape of last night’s#crescent moon setting behind Space Needle in#Seattle. The still I posted history is one from this sequence. Planned with@photo pills and shot with Sony A7R4, Sony 200- 600 mm lens at 600 mm, f/6.3, ISO 1250,1/8 sec.”


Replying to the magical videotape, one stoner wrote,” It feels veritably climactic- like the moon is crashing down to earth and the people in the space needle are dancing to drink it,” whereas another reflected,” This is stirring. I ’ve lived near Seattle ago 2006, and every time I see the Needle, my casket still swells with pride. This just takes it to a whole new position.”

Specialized queries

Some druggies also asked a many specialized questions regarding how the videotape was shot by Sigma Sreedharan. A stoner asked,” Love it! Tech question what’s the eschewal- of- focus stuff in the low background, and how did you get the moon and Space Needle both in focus?” to which Sigma replied,” That’s the power lines. I removed it in the still, but too important work to edit it out of 400 prints in the time lapse. I’m far enough down from the space needle that fastening on the space needle has the moon in my hyper focal distance, allowing both objects to appear sharp.”

Another stoner queried,” How do you show the earth shine along with the not- overused bright side?” Sigma answered,” I chose my exposure settings to maximum exposure possible without blowing out highlights on the bright part of the moon and also brought out murk in the post to get the earth shine to show. It’s easier to bring out shadow details, but insolvable to fix blown- out highlights.”

So far, the videotape has been watched by over one million observers and has gained over 29 K likes.

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