Musk dissolves Twitter’s board, is now the sole director


Musk, according to the form, came “ the sole director of Twitter ”, reports CNN.


Elon Musk, the director of Twitter;

Chief Twit Elon Musk has dissolved Twitter’s board of directors after his preemption of the company, according to a US Securities and Exchange Commission( SEC) form on Monday.

The report confirms that rather of joining Twitter’s board of directors, Elon Musk is now their sole relief.


Words from SEC filing;

As per the SEC form; “ On October 27, 2022, and as a result of the consummation of the Merger, Musk came the sole director of Twitter. ”

“ In agreement with the terms of the Merger Agreement, effective as of the effective time of the Merger, the following persons, who were directors of Twitter previous to the effective time of the Merger, are no longer directors of Twitter Bret Taylor, Parag Agrawal, Omid Kordestani, David Rosenblatt, Martha Lane Fox, Patrick Pichette, Egon Durban, Fei- Fei Li, and Mimi Alemayehou, ” as mentioned in the SEC form.


further about company filing;

The company form said that all former members of Twitter’s board, including lately ousted CEO Agrawal and Chairman Taylor, are no longer directors “ in agreement with the terms of the junction agreement. ”

Musk took over as Twitter master and his first job was to reportedly fire Indian- origin CEO Agrawal, Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal, the company’s policy chief Vijaya Gadde and others.

Regarding earlier incidents;

Musk had himself been set to join Twitter’s board before he offered to buy the company, butu-turned after colliding with Agrawal over textbook.

Though he has not reflected on any possible plans to do so, Musk will probably appoint a new board of directors in the coming weeks, per the New York Times.

Musk first offered to buy the company in April at$54.20 a share, shortly after getting the company’s largest shareholder, but said in July he’d pull out of the deal over enterprises about the number of bots on the platform.


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