Diwali: Know 5 ways to treat and heal firecracker burns


how to treat burn


How to treat a burn due to  the firecrackers during Diwali? Follow these 3 simple tips and under mentioned home remedies to heal the burn.

Diwali is a jubilee of lights, and occasionally, in our excitement to light firecrackers, we forget that they could be dangerous. However, know how to treat a burn caused by a firecracker burn! If you or someone near  to  the you has suffered a burn or an harmful during to  the fests.

How to heal to  the firecracker burn  an during Diwali?

A burn is a skin injury that’s substantially brought on by heat, though it can also be brought on by the heat and chemicals set up in firecrackers. Due to  the their thinner skin, kids are mostly susceptible to it. And  to the no matter how  to conservative you are  when setting off firecrackers, accidents nonetheless do  the constantly. Let’s see what you can do the  in response to that.

fitness Shots reached out to  the Dr Vikrant Shah, consulting croakier, intensive and  the contagious complaint specialist, Zen Multiplicity  to Hospital Chembur, to find out the  how you can the  treat firecracker  in injuries during  to Diwali festivity.

Then are 3 tips to follow to treat a firecracker burn during Diwali

1. Cold water

how to treat burn

still, keep the affected area under running cold water, or conclude for a cold compress for the area, If one tends to suffer from a minor burn. Cooling  to the burn will  be reduce  to the pain, swelling and the  threat of the  scarring. In fact, it can as well as lessen to  the impact of a firecracker  to burn.

2. Bandage

Use sterile reek and the  approximately tie a girth on the affected area. Keeping the crack covered will  be support to the  heal it a  briskly.

3. Moisturizer

Try to  using  a moisturizing embrocation on the impacted area, and the will  be support to ignore  dry skin. This will be  as well as lower the chances of pocks. Don’t use any cream, embrocation, or product without asking the croakier. Also, anodynes should be used only after the croakier  prescribes them.

Treatment for eye injury due to firecrackers

Firecrackers can rupture the eyeball or produce chemical and thermal becks , all of and that can affect in lifelong eye injury. So, if your eyes are damaged get firecrackers, head straight to the sanitarium. Try applying an  the eye pad or a mild, clean the dressing to the injured a eye, nonetheless, if the damage is minor. Or you might just use water to wash the eye.

how to treat burn

5 home remedies that you can follow on a regular base to heal the burn fully

1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera can work prodigies on burnt skin. Are you apprehensive? Aloe vera is great for treating first- degree becks. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory parcels of aloe vera tend to promote rotation around the burn, which further restricts the growth of bacteria in that area, and can guard you from infections. Use pure aloe vera gel directly uprooted from the splint of the factory. Say NO to artificial bones.

2. Honey

Honey is fully safe to use on mild to moderate burn injuries. It’santi-inflammatory and antibacterial in nature and helps to manage first- degree becks.

3. Coconut oil painting

how to treat burn

Contrary to popular belief, coconut oil painting can not treat everything. But it surely can support . Coconut oil painting contains vitamin E and the  that is excellent for diving thepost-burn mark on the skin.

4. Lavender oil painting

The linalyl acetate and beta- chlorophyll are pain- relieving and anti-inflammatory parcels in lavender oil painting and help to treat minor becks. It can  be speed up to  the recovery process.

5. Tea tree oil painting

Tea tree oil painting is loaded with antiseptic,anti-inflammatory, and analgesic parcels that allow one to deal with minor becks.


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